£202,000 price tag for Jubilee pajamas that cost more than a tiny house horrifies buyers

The “world’s fanciest pajamas” are on sale ahead of Jubilee, and the price has horrified shoppers. Pajamas are so expensive you could buy a house for less money.

Jewel-encrusted sleepwear is available to order for a limited time only during Jubilee weekend and is priced to match.

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, luxury pajama brand Secret Linen Store has created the world’s chicest pajamas fit for royalty. The made-to-order pajama set is adorned with 204 precious stones and metals, all of which represent a milestone or key moment in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

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The 100% linen pajamas are adorned with 70 pearls to represent Her Majesty’s 70th anniversary on the throne, 24 rubies which each represent the Queen’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and 52 sapphires to represent the year of the Queen’s coronation, 1952 – the glorious red, white and blue nodding to the colors of the Union Jack.

Fifty-four sparkling diamonds around the cuffs represent Commonwealth countries around the world and four palaces and key residences – Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral – are represented by the four buttons forged from precious platinum, like a nod to 2022 being Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum year.

Some people, however, were surprised by the price. When we shared an image of the pajamas around our office, one person said, “Wow, that blew me away.” Another commented: ‘£202,000 for this is outrageous.

Molly Freshwater, co-founder of Secret Linen Store, said: “We know people across the country will be dragging bunting and popping champagne to celebrate this Jubilee weekend, so we wanted to offer something a little special for those looking to really feel like royalty. Extravagant sleepwear is perfect for those who want the most decadent night’s sleep of their life.

Eleanor C. William