City finds quick support for arena proposal – no price tag – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — The majority of people who responded to a community input webpage and social media survey by city government support a proposed taxpayer investment of $275 million to renovate and modernize the Spectrum Center and build a new practice facility for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. Or do they?

It’s hard to say based on city survey who counts for most answers. The question posed is about the Hornets’ lease extension and makes no mention – unless the user clicks for more information – of the public investment needed to keep the team in place for another 15 years.

Jason Schneiderthe city’s director of marketing and communications, shared the results of the responses with the Charlotte City Council’s Economic Development Committee on Monday afternoon.

The committee met for almost three hours to discuss the details of the proposal, which would be paid for using a combination of existing tourism tax revenue ($215 million) and arena district naming rights ($60 million).

“Obviously, the lede was buriedas you say in your industry,” Malcolm Grahamthe council Democrat who leads the committee, said JCB, referring to the city’s survey that appeared on LinkedIn. The cost “should have been there,” he added.

City government administrators unveiled the arena proposal on June 1. The next day, the city’s website and social media feeds began soliciting comments and opinions from citizens. So far, the response has been positive but limited.

Read more here and assess whether you support the proposal.

(WATCH BELOW: City offers hundreds of millions for upgrades to Spectrum Center, a new practice facility)

Eleanor C. William