Cork pub defends €50 price for five home-delivered antigen tests

A County Cork pub that delivers antigen tests to homes priced at five for €50 says it bought its own stock when prices were higher.

The Beer Garden pub offers the test for €30 in its Turners Cross shop or €50 via Deliveroo.

At Newstalk breakfast this morning manager Adam Greene said he bought nearly 1,000 tests before Christmas to protect his staff.

When customers started asking if they could buy them at the pub, he put them up for sale.

“They were more expensive back then. They weren’t selling in supermarkets for €2 or €3 – otherwise I would have bought them from the supermarket,” he said.

He said the only reason he bought them in the first place was to keep the pub open before Christmas.

“We originally purchased these antigen tests to protect our staff and keep the show on the road,” he said.

“Obviously, prevention is essential. We have 40 employees working for us and we always have four or five – without the tests, I don’t know if we would have made it through Christmas.

“Customers wanted to buy them and I explained the charge, the delivery service charge, which is 35% and that’s where the €50 comes in.”

The 35% Deliveroo fee is calculated on the €50 price – meaning €17.50 goes to the delivery company and €21.50 to the pub.

“It’s steep I guess, but if you have the money to sit at home and pay for a delivery service to drop them off at your house, I guess that’s the price they charge,” said Mr Greene.

“You don’t have to buy them on Deliveroo. You can go to the pharmacy or you can go down to the store and buy them.

Currently, a pack of five antigen tests sells for €20 in Boots, with a single test available for €3.99.

They are available from Dunnes, Tesco, Aldi and Supervalu for around €4 and from Lidl for €3.

Eleanor C. William