Electricity Cost Calculator South Africa 2022 | How to calculate your consumption

Life without electricity is no different from medieval times. Electricity is a vital commodity, and without electricity, the quality of life would be significantly affected. Your appliances do more than make life comfortable. However, comfort comes at a price. Thus, being informed about the calculator of the cost of electricity in South Africa in 2022 is essential.

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Electricity cost calculator. Photo: @Diamond TV Zambia
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South Africans face a high cost of electricity across the country. This explains why most people need to be cautious about their intake. Thus, you may want to know more about your consumption and whether you are getting what you pay for. This article demystifies the calculator for the cost of electricity in South Africa in 2022. It also sheds light on ways to reduce your consumption.

Electricity calculator South Africa

The amount of money you spend on electricity in South Africa depends on your location. Eskom, the South African electricity utility, bills some municipalities directly. On the other hand, some municipalities benefit from a subsidized charge on electricity.

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For example, if you live in Soweto, Eskom bills you directly. So, if you live in major cities across the country, Eskom bills the cities, which in turn bill the city dwellers.

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How much does electricity cost per unit in South Africa?

Before going into the details of the electricity cost calculator, it is essential to note that electricity is measured in watts. It is the basic unit in which electrical devices operate. The power rating of an electrical device dictates the amount of power consumed by the device during operation.

Most electrical appliances have a power rating of over 1000 watts. Therefore, electrical power is measured in kilowatts, abbreviated as KW. 1 kilowatt equals 1000 watts.

How to calculate my cost per KWh?

Electricity Cost Calculator South Africa 2022 |  How to calculate your consumption
Electricity cost by KWh calculator South Africa. Photo: @Rustenburg Herald
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Let’s take a random example of a device whose power is 1000 watts and works for 2 hours a day for 30 days. After thirty days, the total electrical consumption of the device is the product of the nominal power and the cumulative duration of use. In this case, the total consumption is 6000 watts or 6KWh.

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Calculate your total KWh by adding up the consumption of all the electrical appliances in your home and the time you use them. It can be difficult to calculate the exact value. However, you can estimate your consumption based on the power of the devices.

How much does electricity cost per KWh in South Africa?

As a general rule, Eskom charges South African residents based on kilowatt hours (KWh). However, this figure may vary. For example, a Soweto resident might end up paying more than someone living in Cape Town while the Soweto resident consumes less electricity.

However, the Eskom Tariff Calculator calculates power in cents per kilowatt. In most municipalities and cities, the threshold is 6,000 kWh and Eskom considers this to be fair use. So, if your energy consumption is less than 6,000 KWh, you will pay less than someone who consumes more than 6,000 KWh.

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However, it is impossible to determine the exact amount as it varies by location.

How much does electricity cost per KWh in South Africa?

Electricity Cost Calculator South Africa 2022 |  How to calculate your consumption
Electricity cost by KWh calculator South Africa. Photo: @Thapelo Mthakasi
Source: Facebook

How much does Eskom charge for 1 kWh? According to the data compiled in June 2021, the cost of electricity in South Africa averages R2,558 per KWh for a household. The average electricity price for a business is R1.209.

The complexity of Eskom’s tariff structure and its variations are due to factors such as consumer location and consumption habits.

How much does 1500W per hour cost?

Working with the average household consumption cost of R2.558 per KWh, an appliance rated at 1500W per hour would cost R3.837 per hour. Meanwhile, the same device would cost R1.8135 for each hour for an enterprise setup.

How much electricity do you get for R100?

According to the above calculation of the cost of electricity per KWh in South Africa in 2022, for a household, R100 would get you 39.09 KWh. Meanwhile, for a business, the same amount would yield 55.1419 KWh.

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Electricity consumption calculator in South Africa

Contact your local authority for a breakdown of appliances’ electricity usage and the total amount you spend on electricity.

However, you do not have to visit Eskom offices to find out about your energy consumption. These tips can save you from spending questionable amounts of money on electricity.

1. Use energy-efficient appliances

You should make sure you know the power rating of a device before you buy it. The rated power should play a decisive role when buying the device.

2. Use your devices for shorter durations

Using your appliances for shorter periods of time is another measure to reduce your consumption. This trick will end up saving you money.

The details highlighted in South Africa’s 2022 cost of electricity calculator reveal the ins and outs of the system.

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