Emily and Blair offer business expertise without the high price tag

There are so many business resources online that it’s hard to know where to start. that’s why Emily and Blair brings together tons of products, experts, and resources on one site.

The couple originally just wanted a way to work together. But they’ve since created a comprehensive resource that serves businesses around the world. For more, check out this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the company does

Offers online business resources.

Co-founder Blair Quane told Small Business Trends, “We provide one of the most comprehensive step-by-step learning sites in the United States and Canada and include recommended and reviewed products in our content that offer placement opportunities to advertisers (our monetization method) From building your business to selling it, we cover it all.

Business niche

Offer tons of value for free.

Quane says, “Just look at our website, we have over 280 dedicated business articles for our audience to use in their career journey, all for free.”

How the company started

After a chance meeting.

Quane explains: “We met in Manchester when Blair was on a work trip. During lockdown we spent time in the Peak District then returned to New Zealand where we now live by the ocean. We recently got a dog and a cat and got engaged. We wanted to work together in business and like the flexibility of doing it online.

Biggest win

Booking a popular podcast guest.

Quane adds, “Having the CEO of Flippa.com on our podcast because it’s a huge site and the exposure for us was great.”

The greatest risk

Invest in a startup.

Quane says, “Over 80% of new businesses like ours fail in the first year. We are still here so far! We would be very impacted financially if this failed and this is a risk we work with every day. Patience and effort help mitigate this risk.

Lesson learned

Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Quane explains, “I think we would have put more emphasis on getting better writers for some of our content. It’s good, but it could have been better, so we’re rewriting some of it.

How they would spend an extra $100,000

Paid ads and marketing.

Quane adds:[We would] invest in a seo guy to work on our site [and] video content.

favorite quote

“I feel the need, the need for speed.” -Tom Cruise, Top Gun.

* * * * *

Image: Emily and Blair

Eleanor C. William