Google Pixel 5 debuts affordable price of $ 449


Google has finally announced the long-rumored Pixel 5a smartphone, and it looks incredibly promising, especially given the low price of $ 449. Between a great camera system and a fast processor, the Pixel 5a exceeds its weight class.

The Pixel 5a is all about value

Not everyone needs a $ 1,000 smartphone. For most users, a solid mid-range phone is more than enough to meet their needs. When it comes to mid-range smartphones with high-end features, nothing rivals Google’s Pixel A series of phones. The newly announced Pixel 5a is no exception, as it packs many of the same features as the Pixel 5 but comes with a lower price of $ 449.

The Pixel 5a runs a Snapdragon 765G 5G and 6GB of RAM, which is solid for a phone at this price point. Obviously, it’s not as powerful as the full Pixel 5, but it’ll do the job for most smartphone users. With this chipset, you will enjoy full support for 5G connectivity. The phone also comes with 128 GB of storage.

Google included a 6.34-inch frameless OLED display with Full HD + resolution. It’s actually slightly larger than the display offered by the more expensive Pixel 5. However, the 5a does not come with the higher refresh rate offered by this screen.

For battery life, the Pixel 5a comes with a massive 4,680mAh battery, which is significantly bigger than the Pixel 5’s battery. Google says that with Extreme Battery Saver, the phone can last up to ‘to 48 hours on a single charge.

Another big change to the Pixel 5a is IP67 water and dust resistance, a first for the A series of phones. If you tend to be a bit rough with your phones, this is a huge feature.

Finally, Google announced the camera for the Pixel 5a, and it looks pretty good. It has a 12MP dual pixel main shooter and 16MP ultra-wide lens. It also comes bundled with Google’s beloved photography software which is among the best in the market.

Pixel 5a availability

Google has announced that the Pixel 5a is available for pre-order now in the US and Japan for $ 449. The device will officially release on August 26, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on one.

Eleanor C. William