IntelliComp announces EstiMod, the national experience modification calculator, for $500/year!

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newly launched July 4, 2022, California industry leader IntelliComp expands nationwide with the announcement of its new EstiMod serviceUNITED STATESat

Intelli Comp ( is the premier data recovery service for California workers’ compensation experience modifications, since 1996. Now IntelliComp has expanded its ExMod calculator nationwide to

Subscribe for only $500 per year and calculate intrastate and interstate ExMods. Why pay more when EstiModUNITED STATES at is one-fifth the cost of competitors? Give your customers and prospects clear, concise and informative reports. Calculate ExMods historically from 2017 and include current and future projections.

Take your business to the next level with EstiModUNITED STATES at with the most innovative advanced computing tools available in the industry, such as XP-CalcNCCI for NCCI and XP-Calc reportsCalifornia for California. XP-Calc is the industry’s leading analysis tool. Thinking of changing your insured’s period of insurance? A policy is normally used for 3 years in the modification of experience. XP-Calc determines the duration of use of a strategy in the ExMod. Will a high loss ratio policy period be used for more than the normal 3 years, or will it be less in the experience change calculation?

IntelliComp’s global websites are and Call today for guest connections and see for yourself.

IntelliComp and its product are in no way associated with NCCI;’s experience modification report is not an official NCCI experience evaluation worksheet; and NCCI does not endorse the results produced from the product.

Eleanor C. William