Marisa Paterson will call for the creation of a carbon footprint calculator | Canberra time

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Murrumbidgee MP Dr Marisa Paterson is calling on the ACT Government to develop a carbon footprint calculator for businesses. Dr. Paterson wants a resource to help businesses better understand energy costs, as part of a motion to be introduced in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday. Dr Paterson said there is currently no single, authoritative source that ACT companies can rely on to calculate costs and implement upgrades. The environment, climate change and biodiversity committee member said the ACT is committed to achieving net zero emissions and supporting local businesses. “Developing an online carbon calculator is a win-win for both,” said Dr Paterson. “It’s also a win for local businesses that want to reduce their carbon emissions and lower their financial operating costs.” Wiffens Premium Greengrocers Ruth Roxburgh said there are no clear government guidelines for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, at the state or federal level. Ms Roxburgh said having many different companies nationally and internationally offering services to improve energy efficiency was confusing for small and medium-sized businesses. “I believe many ACT companies want to do more to offset their environmental impact, they just need some extra help to do that,” Ms Roxburgh said. “The ACT Government is well placed to provide such a platform and recommend upgrades and improvements to help businesses like mine reduce our footprint and the costs of doing business through increased energy efficiency. READ ALSO “The proposed carbon calculator will help us do that and help move ACT forward towards a more carbon neutral future,” she said. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


Eleanor C. William