Next-Gen GTA V Port Gas Release Date But No Price Tag

Dollar signs ring in Rockstar Games’ eyes as those at the top confirm they still haven’t put a price on the next one GTA V: expanded and improved. The next-gen port of 2013 GTA V is supposed to be on the way this year, but as we get closer, a question mark looms over its cost.

While the GTA series has gone from strength to strength since its humble original descendant launched in 1997, it was GTA V that blew the competition away – and continues to do so. As the highest-grossing entertainment product of all time, GTA V‘s six billion means he’s way ahead of Avataris $2.85 billion. Now Rockstar is back for another slice of the pie.

How much will next-gen GTA V cost?

During recent Take-Two earnings calls, CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about the amount Developed and improved will cost. We had previously heard that the next-gen version might cost $69.99, but when pushed on it, he told investors the price had yet to be discussed. Given that the release is supposed to be imminent, this could be concerning.

There were already a few eyebrows raised when we learned we could shell out $69.99 for the game, but imagine if we have to pay more. Last year, it was Zelnick who said he thought players were “willing” to pay $70 for games – which got him a lot of backlash. Elsewhere, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said he thought £70 was a fair price.

Maybe the only thing Developed and improved aims is the promise that he will live up to the extended part of his name. We’re told it’ll be more than just a graphical overhaul, and with chances of adding more to the stories of Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, tied to the current GTA onlineor even tease GTA 6it should be worth everything we are charged.

When is the next generation of GTA V coming out?

It was finally confirmed that the GTA V: expanded and improved will come out on March 15. A new generation GTA V had been rumored for months, with original plans suggesting it was supposed to be released last year until COVID-19 sabotaged those plans. Fortunately, these whispers of O&M being delayed for several months seems to have been hearsay.

In the same call, Zelnick admitted there had been “failures” with the maligned GTA Trilogy which released in 2021. A lot has rolled over the revamp of these old favorites, but with glitches and graphical glitches galore, it’s made the once lauded company a laughing stock. 2022 is to be marked on the GTA roadmap. In addition to the long-awaited announcement of GTA 6, Developed and improved is intended to secure the future of the franchise.

Eleanor C. William