Nvidia 3090 Ti retail listings confirm the enticing price tag!

After unveiling the long-talked-about 3090 Ti at their CES 2022 showcase, to date Nvidia has remained (somewhat frustratingly) silent on the subject. In fact, their last official news on the 3090 Ti was only to confirm that they had nothing say about it right now. – With its release date slated for March 29, however, anticipation is clearly high for this GPU and particularly for how Nvidia has managed to improve on the already ridiculously powerful 3090.

One of the biggest question marks surrounding the 3090 Ti, however, has undoubtedly been placed over the exact cost. And following a report via Videocardzwe might have our (rather shocking) answer!

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Retailer Lists ASUS 3090 Ti Graphics Cards!

Following a pre-order listing created by a Canadian retailer, two ASUS 3090 Ti graphics card models have been spotted. While the good news is that this definitely points to an upcoming release, it takes a turn for the worse when you see how much these GPUs are going to cost. – Yes, these are custom AIB models, and with prices quoted by a retailer in a global market where things are already quite considerably inflated. Assuming that’s correct, however, it looks like the 3090 Ti will cost between $4,600 and $5,300.

So converting that from Canadian dollars to British pounds, what we’ll freely admit is never fully accurate based on regional differences and logistics costs, we look at approximately £3,000-£3,500 and maybe even more!

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What do we think?

Let’s be honest, we always knew that the 3090 Ti was not going to be an “affordable” graphics card. Like the 3090 (or perhaps the Bugatti Veyron as a better example), it has more the characteristics of a technical exercise than being representative of a realistic gaming GPU. – With that in mind, we suspected the 3090 Ti was likely to hit the £3000 mark. With this new information suggesting this may well be the entry level cost, with extremely high-end models being perhaps closer to the £3500 or even £4000 mark… Well, let’s just say that while we expect the 3090 Ti to be an absolute performer phenomenal, and worth checking out, based on its cost, I dare say most of us will only do it remotely!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Eleanor C. William