“Once we focused on the cloud, our stock price jumped,” says Micros CEO

“About $14 trillion of global GDP is invested in technology,” Microsoft Israel R&D Center General Manager Ronit Atad said at the Calcalist’s Cloud and Data conference on Sunday. “Until 2030, this sector should double its income and represent 10% of global GDP.

“Following the pandemic, we now live in a hyper-accelerated world. Data is exploding. We each create a lot of data every day. In 2021, we created 59 petabytes of data, or 1,000 terabytes each. We create data – even when we don’t think about it – both as individuals and as organizations. In one minute, six million orders are placed online, 100 Microsoft Teams conversations take place and 500,000 tweets appear on Twitter,” she said.

And what about the remaining 90% of GDP that is not associated with technology?

“It’s also associated with technology. Companies realize that they have to work differently, that customers want different things, and that employees want to work differently: all of these things generate data. This is why the cloud is so important. When you take that step to the cloud, your stock price goes up, and that’s important to the company, investors, and interest groups. It shows strength and stability. Microsoft was a pretty good tech company, we made tech products and sold licenses. Our stock price fluctuated around $40, and that was not considered a bad move. As soon as we realized we needed to focus on the cloud – in less than a decade – our stock price increased sixfold. »

“Every company is a software company. Every car that leaves a factory has 100 lines of code embedded in it. We are not creating cars with wheels, but a computer with wheels. The American supermarket chain Walmart serves 300 million customers. They are the third largest employer of programmers and engineers in California. Why? When they moved to offering cloud or online shopping services, their data became their income and their asset. Today, they employ more engineers and programmers than regular sales staff.

“A company’s most important asset is its data. When a business knows how to analyze its data, it can derive insights that generate more revenue, work more efficiently, and provide better services. Data is the essence of a business. Today, every business only uses about 5% of its data, and that’s not a lot. Know-how and technology are two of the most important tools needed to decipher data. »

Eleanor C. William