[RUMOR] Apple’s iPhone 14 might have an extremely high price tag, but by how much?

[RUMOR] Apple’s iPhone 14 might have an extremely high price tag, but by how much?

Information about the iPhone 14 lineup has been reported revealing a pretty drastic change, and the discussion isn’t about the design of the phones. An unusual price increase is expected from the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with price tags of $1099 and $1199, respectively. Both cost $100 more than their iPhone 13 counterparts.

Apple 14 Rumored to Launch with a Hefty Price

Meanwhile, Apple has also decided to put an even higher price increase up to $300 for iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 13 Mini replacements. Slated to launch with a price tag of $899, the iPhone 14 Max may have a much larger screen than its predecessor. It would be the first time that Apple has launched iPhones at higher prices than those that came before them. Only the iPhone 14 is expected to retain the iPhone 13’s $799 price tag.

This week alone, iPhone 13 prices in Japan have increased by almost 20%. A mid-cycle price hike for Apple products is unexpected and, therefore, could actually prepare the public for potential increases ahead, especially in a country like Japan where such hikes come as a shock.

Although known leaker LeaksApplePro reveals a “complete redesign” of the iPhone 14, details show that the range would have minor design changes to its bezels and corners and an i-shaped design for its Pro models. None of these make the phones much different from those in the iPhone 13 lineup. With the iPhone 14 lineup as such, a cheaper iPhone 13 could still be a viable option for the market, making the iPhone 14 a hard sell. However, it is well known that Apple’s product strategies and feature upgrades, such as chipsets, cameras, and displays, are often effective and attractive. Loyal iPhone users still have a lot to look forward to, even in the midst of a global economic downturn.

What awaits the iPhone 14 lineup?

Naturally, news about the iPhone 14 line’s price hike seemed to have gotten more buzz recently than the iPad leak revealing a potential split version of the iPhone 15 line with its Pro models moving from Lightning to USB. -C, likely in response to a landmark EU agreement requiring it for all smartphones. As always, Apple’s moves are worth watching, and many of its loyal users, including professionals, remain excited for what’s to come.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 14 Pro will likely catch a lot of eyeballs very soon. The camera is sure to be the biggest update to the lineup, with Apple eventually ditching the 12MP sensor in favor of a larger 48MP image sensor. As with high-res Android flagships, a larger sensor should help increase detail and low-light photography.

The screen also reveals a lot of significant settings. The controversial notch will be replaced with a pill and hole to house the front camera and Face ID sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro variants. The display is believed to feature an LTPO 2.0 OLED panel, which can help bring the refresh rate down to 1Hz. This could help Apple bring an Always On Display feature to the iPhone for the first time, which could always show new iOS 16 style lock screen widgets.

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