The new Mac Studio may bring a high price

Yesterday’s announcement from Apple generated a lot of buzz, including the new Mac Studio. When it comes to Apple products, getting the latest and greatest can waste your time, and the new Studio complete with display will cost users $11,000.

The Retina 5K display

The new Retina 5K display is available on March 18

While the standard 27-inch Retina 5K display starts at $1,599, it only goes up from there. While displays of the past have notoriously been purchased separately, the new display will come with a stand. However, for those looking to adjust the height of their monitor, the Tilt and Height Adjustable Stand with Screen will cost $1,999.

Those interested in nano-textured glass can expect $1,899 with the standard bracket. With the tilt and height adjustable stand, the total comes to $2,299. The nano-texture helps diffuse light, further minimizing glare in areas with strong light sources. This choice may be preferred for users who work in bright office environments.

The New Mac Studio

render mac studio
The price of the Mac Studio may vary depending on the options.

Looking at the new Mac Studio, users have several options. The first option in the Apple Store starts at $1,999 and provides the M1 Max, a 10-core processor with a 24-core GPU with support for a 16-core neural engine. You can also upgrade the CPU, GPU, and Neural Core for an additional fee. Unified memory starts at 32GB, with an option to upgrade to 64GB for $400, though 128GB is only available via the M1 Ultra chip. For storage, the entry model starts with a 512GB SSD with expansion options. Selecting your storage options will also change the price. 512GB is standard, though upgrades increase up to 8TB of SSD storage. Storage prices range from $200 to $2,400. You can also add Final Cut Pro for $299.99 and Logic Pro for $199.99.

Going with the M1 Ultra from the homepage will set you back $3,999 but will give you a 20-core CPU, 48-core GPU, and 32-core neural engine. Upgrading to the 64-core GPU will add $1,000. Starting at 64GB of memory, $800 will get you 128GB, and the same $1,999 storage options are also available. You can also install Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro directly.

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In total, with the most frugal options, the M1 Max with standard options paired with the standard glass screen will set you back $3,598 excluding taxes and shipping. Going with the M1 Ultra with all the options including GPU, HDD, memory and storage upgrades plus Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will set you back $8,498.98. Including the new display with nano-textured glass and a tilt and height adjustable stand will set you back $2,299, bringing the total for both to $10,797.98, not including shipping and handling. .

From Hollywood directors creating blockbusters to family members editing photos to share with each other, there’s an Apple product for everyone. The new Mac Studio and Studio Display will be available on March 18 and can be pre ordered now.

Eleanor C. William