This calculator will tell you where you should travel based on your tax refund

Today’s Tax Day, and what better way to celebrate that awesome refund by using it for an even bigger holiday?

Kayak has created a calculator for travelers to help them choose the right destination for them, simply by entering the amount of their refund, or part of it that they would like to spend on the trip.


“Getting money back from your tax refund is great, but what’s even better is using that money to take a well-deserved vacation,” said Matt Clarke, vice president of the marketing at Kayak. Travel + Leisure. “That’s where our tax refund calculator comes in. It uses our popular Explore feature and lets you enter the amount of your refund (or the part of it you want to spend) to show you all the places you can plan an after-tax vacation.”

Travelers can also use the calculator to filter by potential travel dates, flight duration, number of stops they can make, and even the type of destination they want to travel to, such as beaches or romantic destinations.

Travelers can also view destination information, such as destination photos and highlights, as well as flight price trends by month and destination based on filtered flight information.

Recent data from Kayak shows that a 4-day national vacation for two costs around $1,654 on average, while last year’s average tax refund was $2,873, making a short vacation a great one. way to spend some of the refund money without sacrificing everything for the future. expenses.

To use the calculator, please Click here.

Eleanor C. William