Tunisia: Automatic Fuel Price Adjustment Threshold Set at 3%

Tunis/Tunisia — The automatic fuel price adjustment threshold (up or down) has been set at 3% instead of 5% throughout 2022, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, Neila Nouira Gonji, adding that the State has put in place policies to mitigate the energy deficit.

In response to questions from journalists at a press conference held on Tuesday in Tunis, to present the 2022 finance law, she indicated that the revision of fuel prices will affect the prices of gasoline, unleaded gasoline and diesel, but not those of domestic gas cylinders.

The minister also pointed out that the 2022 finance law will focus on renewable energies and the green economy given the great solar and wind potential of the country, adding that this law has provided for zero taxation for electric vehicles (cars and buses).

She noted that these measures are aimed at reducing the pressure on the energy budget and better controlling the growing energy deficit, recalling the recent approval of new renewable energy projects with a capacity of 500 MW. , as part of efforts to increase the share of renewables in electricity generation to 30% by 2030.

Gongi also said that the development of renewable energy and the use of electric cars will promote industrial development in Tunisia, especially industries based on renewable energy and the automotive industry, which will have a positive impact on investment, business creation and employment.

With regard to investment incentives, the Minister mentioned the law on the social and solidarity economy (ESS), indicating that the related implementing texts will be promulgated soon, which would encourage initiative and investment. private.

Eleanor C. William