Which company would benefit the most from a price adjustment, according to Ágora

The broker estimates a 15.8% price increase health insurance Singles in 2022 (Photo: clone/hapveda)

the AGORA INVESTMENTS Price increase estimated at 15.8% health insurance individuals in 2022, and a decrease of 8.2% in 2021.

In this scenario of rising prices, the to have (HAPV3) is expected to have the greatest positive impact, as 24% of beneficiaries have individual plans. our Ladyalso from Hapvida, in second position, with 11% of beneficiaries with individual plans, followed by South America (SULA116% and the general market 18%.

The broker’s high expectation of 15.8% depends on several factors, including:

  • Medical cost per user difference of 21% in 2021/20 compared to 9% in 2020/19; And
  • The IPCA, excluding medical plans, increased by 10.4%, compared to 4.6% in 2021.

According to the broker Bradesco (BBC4), the average annual change in medical costs for individual plans was 4.7% during the two years of the pandemic, well below the 12% recorded in 2018/19 and 11% in 2018/17.

“Cost/user of individual plans in 2021 was only 10% higher than 2019 (despite pressure
Covid-19), while down in Hapvida, Notre Dame and Amil”, commented Marcio Osako and Maria Clara Negrao, who signed the report published on Wednesday (20).

Analysts say the fact is, actions not taken in 2020 are lost or not recovered in 2021.

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Eleanor C. William