Zera postpones fuel price adjustment

Fuel prices are soaring again

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) yesterday advised fuel operators to continue using December 2021 fuel prices as it monitors international market developments and awaits the finalization of consultations in courses with the government.

According to Statutory Instrument 270 of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulations 2019, Zera is supposed to review fuel prices by the 5th of every month.

In a statement, Zera said: “However, due to consultations taking place at government level, as we monitor developments in international oil markets, Zera will issue a statement on January 2022 fuel prices after the set dates. by the law.

“Fuel operators are therefore invited to continue their discussions in accordance with the December 2021 fuel prices, while consultations are being finalized. The January 2022 fuel prices will be announced in due course.

Recently, Zera extended the expiration date of fuel supply (import) licenses to January 15, to ensure that there is no fuel supply

Zera last month raised the price of gasoline to $1.42 from $1.40 per liter in November, while the price of diesel remained stable at $1.38 per liter.

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Eleanor C. William